Friday, May 27, 2011

GBE 2 Challenge

I let my Montessori blog go when my father got sick. It was hard enough to focus on school for those few weeks, let alone writing about the philosophy. For me, the school year is over so that I can focus on my father. But now I also feel more free to get back to work on the blog and posting of articles and quotes.

This blogging challenge is the GBE2.

The Group Blogging Experience 2 is the second version, via Facebook, of a challenge that had been started on MySpace. There is a weekly prompt on Sundays and you write on it by Saturday. It is not a requirement to post weekly. You don't have to post on all of your blogs, either. But I know that on occasion a topic will be appropriate.

I still plan to finish the April challenge, as well as the May challenge, even if it takes me until July. Thanks for reading!

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