Thursday, June 2, 2011

F is for Final Day of School

How does your class celebrate the last day of school? Our kindergartners do a "dress rehearsal" of their Moving Up Ceremony in the gym, in front of the entire school. Then we retire to our classrooms, spend some time together, start cleaning materials, and say goodbye to each other. The following day, only the Ks return, but they only do their ceremony and go home after the reception.

This year, I have had to miss the kids' final day at school. My last day was a week before theirs. My father is dying. As I am typing this, we are sitting in Hospice. I don't know how much longer he will be with us. He is resting and we are listening to the BBC Jane Eyre. It is one of our favorite movies.

Because I had to miss my kids' final day of school, I decided to surprise them. I arranged to call my assistant's cell phone toward the end of the morning. She put me on speaker phone and I was able to chat with my students. They told me they missed me and loved me and I echoed the same sentiments. I also asked them to please send my father happy thoughts of flowers and rainbows and butterflies, which they all did. Many of them also took turns chatting with me on the phone. It was beautiful. I needed that closure, and so did they.

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