Monday, May 7, 2012

11 of 14 done

With a lot of swearing and yelling at a computer that wanted to be uncooperative for a couple of hours yesterday (and then the gremlins disappeared), and numerous other distractions throughout the day, I did finally submit 11 of 14 parent-teacher conference reports to my boss. Those final two "public school pages," as I call them, still need to be done for the K's but those do not take long. There are just a few more things I need to "test," if you will, for them.

This means I am already well ahead of the game. Usually, I am still working on these through the rest of the week. My final ones are usually submitted as Panera is closing on Wednesday night. I used to be even worse and submitted a few on Thursday. This time around, I should have them all submitted by tonight. And then I have a breather of almost two weeks before the next batch is due.

I also usually work on them at Panera. I have a never-ending supply of food and drink that I don't need to prepare myself. I have music and enough background noise to help me focus on what I am doing. (Silence is more distracting to me than noise - Montessori upbringing?) I have no furry kids walking all over my stuff. Yet, this time around, I have done all of it either at school or at home.

What kinds of rituals or routines do you have for writing your reports?


  1. My routine goes like this:
    Tell myself that I will do 2 or 3 per night, well in advance of the conference time so I am not rushing. Then of course, wait until the last moment to do any of them. Naturally, my printer contributes by ALWAYS being low on ink when I print them out. Not a fantastic system, but it seems to get the job done. I'm in the midst of assessing my kinders -hoping to finish it all up this week! Good for you for being ahead of the game :-D

    1. Apparently, I had 15 scheduled for Friday. I am now done writing them. I just have to do the checklists for my K's and then I am done with this round. I have two weeks before I have to finish the last handful.

      I email them to my boss so that she can review them and then print them out for me. :-P