Monday, October 10, 2011

Free Yoga Recess DVD

One of the favorite activities in my Montessori classroom is yoga. Last year I added two sets of yoga cards to the Peace Shelf. Throughout the year, I demonstrated a few different poses at a time for them to do as an individual activity on a Quiet Rug. The cards were almost always off of the shelf. One of my favorite memories from last year is one of my oldest boys teaching the three year-old girls how to do the different poses. It was an empowering moment for him and a great learning experience for them.

This year I simply placed the cards on the Peace Shelf at the beginning of the year. Almost immediately they were being used. Returning students took great pleasure in teaching new students how to use them. I also noticed that a couple of my students who had transferred from out-of-state Montessori schools were also familiar with using the yoga cards.

I am always on the lookout for new yoga materials to use in the classroom. It is even better if they are free. Doing some online research tonight I discovered a free DVD being offered to classroom teachers, only. It is from Yoga-Recess.

I have sent in my application to obtain one copy for children ages 3-5. I would love to get a copy for older students, but will have to rely on other teachers in the school to obtain one for me. I am sure my students will enjoy using it on occasion. Perhaps I have finally found a use for those SmartBoards?

They are also offering a grant to teachers who wish to implement yoga into their classrooms. I was contemplating it. The due date for submission is October 21st.

Has anyone tried this DVD yet? I will be curious to know what others think about it!

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up! My yoga cards were lost in the flood & I haven't replaced them yet :-P I do a few poses each day with my kids to get our brains ready for our afternoon work