Thursday, March 22, 2012

Montessori Madmen's Google Challenge

The Montessori Madmen are dedicated to spreading the Montessori word around the globe. They particularly like to take on mammoth projects that are so easily accomplished by all of us. The latest challenge? To land on the front page of Google.

Inspired by Patty Declambre Said, MM is challenging anyone involved in Montessori to come up with their own Google logo, using only Montessori materials. The Baan Dek school (headed by Bobby George, one of the original Madmen) had already come up with their own logo and posted it on their Facebook page.

I am off of work for the rest of the week, due to an injury. But when I return on Monday, I plan on working with my kids during the week to come up with some of our own. 

Share some of your creations with us!

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