Saturday, March 31, 2012

Welcome to the A to Z Challenge

Tomorrow is April 1st. That means it is the start of the A to Z Challenge. Last year, I tried to come up with my own Montessori alphabet. I even restarted this blog on the Blogger platform, instead of maintaining it on my website. Unfortunately, when my father fell ill, I had to give it up. I just couldn't concentrate on school matters while he was unconscious in the hospital.

Through the rest of the year, I attempted to continue the alphabet, but was unable to keep up. So, this year, I am starting fresh. I have a whole new list of ideas that relate to the materials and the philosophy. I am hoping this jumpstarts this blog again, too.

Thanks for stopping by and happy blogging!


  1. ...and this one :) You are going to be one busy lady! I'm looking forward to reading your posts!

  2. Thanks for the great post! I was invited three years ago to the first Montessori School in Rome. It was a lovely several days, and the children were amazing. So happy for the experience.