Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Beethoven's 'Symphony No. 9 in D Minor' on YouTube

Beethoven's Ninth Symphony is arguably his finest work. As legend has it, despite the thunderous applause following his "Ode to Joy," he couldn't hear it. They had to turn him around so that he could see the standing ovation.

What amazes me most is that this was written when he was deaf. Yes, he could hear it in his head, but that is never the same as hearing it performed live.

This YouTube video lasts about an hour. It has a portrait of Beethoven in the background. This again makes it a great learning tool to put up on a laptop or even that dreaded SmartBoard.

I need to try to play the "Ode to Joy" on my bells this year, I think. I learned how to play it on the piano when I was a kid...


  1. The Som Sabadel "Ode to Joy" you posted about inspired me to share more music with my class! Each week we are listening to a different song. Last week was "Ode to Joy" and I shared the youtube video with my older kids. They loved it and want me to find a video for this week's selection: Rhapsody in Blue! :-P

  2. Awww, thanks! I need to find some more to put up. I start with the K's today, so I was going to test it out on them. Enjoy!