Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mozart's 'Symphony No. 40' on YouTube

Mozart is probably my favorite classical composer. We listened to him a lot when I was a child. My parents went on a rare date to see Amadeus in the theatres when we were kids. They had it on videotape because it was so good. We watched it over and over again. Even as adults, my sister and I still love to watch the movie on DVD.

While perusing YouTube for some longer length pieces, I came across "Symphony No. 40." It lasts about a half hour and would be another god addition to play in the background while kids are working. Or, you could set it up in a smaller station in the corner of a room.

What I like about this video is that it features a portrait of Mozart, which is a good teaching tool for the kids. What I do not like is the number of ads that you have to x-out in order to see his face. Most of them are links to other pieces, but nevertheless annoying. Still, it takes less than a minute to carefully remove all of them and then Mozart is visible.

What is your favorite Mozart to play in the classroom?

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