Sunday, August 26, 2012

Worry Stones

Have you ever used worry stones in your peace corner? I have seen them in a variety of shapes and sizes, with various messages on them. I keep picking them up. Yes, part of that is my OCD kicking in, wanting to have every variation of something that I can find. At the same time, how am I supposed to know which worry stones will speak to which child? Everyone is different. That's why so many different kinds exist.

When my other half and I went hiking in Watkins Glen, NY a few weeks ago, we stopped in at an ice cream shop after dinner. The woman also had a variety of pottery for sale in an adjoining room. He is the one who found the worry stones first, and thought I may be interested in them.

They are quite simple - just little balls of clay flattened and etched with a bit of glaze. We could probably easily make them in the classroom. Oooh - project idea!

These are small enough that they can easily fit into a pocket. That is the point of them. Put them in your pocket and rub them when you are feeling the need for more of whatever message is inscribed upon them. I chose "peace" and "love" in two different colors, because I am sharing them with my friend. They will probably go into someone's pocket at some point this year. For a dollar apiece, though, I'm not too worried about it. Now, I just need to figure out a basket or something to put them in for the peace shelf.

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