Sunday, April 29, 2012

Montessori A to Z: N is for Nomenclature

Nomenclature is a fundamental part of language. It simply means to properly name things in the environment. The actual activities that go out on the shelf consist of three-part cards. For some, it is simply learning the names of things. For example, I may have a set of cards that teach the names of different types of fish. My other sets of nomenclature cards for fish name the different parts of the fish body. Each part is highlighted on a black and white drawing.

Three-part cards are two identical sets of cards with the picture on the top and the name on the bottom. One set, known as the control set, is left in tact. The other set has the picture and the word separated. For younger children who are learning how to read, they can match the the picture and word cards to the control card. For children who are able to read, they can label the pictures with the words and then check themselves with the control card. Each lesson has to be adapted to fit each child's needs and learning level.

My nomenclature cards have been the most popular this year. I downloaded many of the sets from the ABC Teach website. I have been using them for years and helped start ideas for the Montessori section of the website. There is a lot of good stuff there! In addition to the cards, there are printable outlines so that the children can create their own sets or cards or make their own booklets to go with the cards.

To learn how to make your own sets of cards, you can read my article here.

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