Monday, April 30, 2012

Montessori A to Z: Z is for Zoetic

I found another great word on YourDictionary, this time for Z. It's the word "zoetic." It means "of or pertaining to life." Isn't this what Montessori education is all about?

We teach the children how to be themselves and how to function in life. Practical life teaches them concentration needed in performing tasks and in learning, independence to do them alone, control and coordination of manipulating things in life, and order which is necessary to balance the chaos of life.

We teach about life in our own neighborhoods and around the world.

We teach about plant life and animal life and the circle of life.

We teach how to enjoy life, using all nine of those senses, and refine them in the sensorial area.

We teach language skills to aid communication in life.

I feel like I have a new phrase as a mantra: Montessori is zoetic. It just sounds really cool.

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